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Pay once, access forever! You can start, restart etc.. unlimited amount of times. Your access does not expire. 

  • SMART FEATURES - auto looping video. Big exercise timer that you can pause or restart. Beeps to indicate start, stop and halfway. 

  • UNIQUE - 10 high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts, all different. 30 minutes each. 60 unique exercises you can do at home! 
  • ONLY 4 EQUIPMENT - two sizes of resistance bands, two 1,5L bottles filled with water (easier) or sand (heavier), chair and jump rope.
  • ALL LEVELS - exercises have easier and harder versions to suit beginners, intermediates and advanced. 


After you purchase the program, we will prepare it for you and it will be ready in 48 hours! You will receive an email with some simple instructions to follow! 

** Only for people with an iPhone or iPad at this time **