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Pay once, access forever! You can start, restart etc.. unlimited amount of times. Your access does not expire. 

  • SMART FEATURES - built in video and text instructions for every single exercise. Built in log to track your weights lifted. Exercise and rest timers. Beeps and screen changes color to indicate start, stop and halfway. 

  • ALL LEVELS - exercises have easier and harder versions to suit beginners, intermediates and advanced. 

  • WEIGHT & CARDIO TRAINING - add lean muscle and burn fat. Get stronger, faster and feel more confident! The program requires access to a gym. 

  • PREMIUM - train with me and do exactly what I do. For the price of 1 personal training session, you will receive 12 full weeks of workouts :)

  • 12 WEEKS - each week you will get 3x lifting workouts, 2x cardio workouts & 2x rest days for optimal recovery. I've used this program on others and IT WORKS! 


After you purchase the program, we will prepare it for you and it will be ready in 48 hours! You will receive an email with some simple instructions to follow! 

** Only for people with an iPhone or iPad at this time **